Cultural Connect Program 

The Caribbean American Cultural Arts Foundation Cultural Connect Program offers  disadvantaged multicultural students the opportunity to learn about the global community. The objective of the program is to educate students about their diverse communities, people, and cultures.

Program Mission: To bridge a gap of cultural understanding, to build an efficient diverse community of inclusion. 


Art Therapy- The art therapy connects the students to the broader community through a display of unique mediums. It offers students the opportunity to express themselves with creativity and educational tools.


Multicultural ActivitiesThese activities will include a range of activities including mask making, cultural food, games, & music. These activities will be interactive and educational.

Geography Learning- This educational tool will include map and globe making, which will include team projects, art, and science inclusion about various regions in the United States, Caribbean and Latin America.

Reading Strategies and Programs- A strategic plan to include fun educational reading materials which will educate the students about cultural nuances from various regions, states, and countries. This will include reading materials approved by the administration that talks about cultural diversity. This educational process will include storytelling, innovative reading games, and diversity inclusion learning through plays. The program will also include letter writing.

Awards – Students will receive prizes and gifts for strategically meeting milestones through the programs. These prizes may vary.



Our vision is to see a world where people across the Caribbean diaspora are given equitable opportunities, resources, and support to transform their communities and leave those spaces more viable and sustainable than how they encountered it. 


Caribbean-American Cultural Arts Foundation is a national organization, based in Atlanta, Georgia. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of cultural arts programs and educational mentorship. C.A.C.A.F. values our communities and focused on the study, advancement, and presentation of Caribbean arts, culture, and humanities. 


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T: 404-806-9053


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