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Wayne Hall


Born in warton St. Catherine Jamaica, Wayne Hall brings an interesting mix of experience and talent to both radio and education. My radio career began with sports reporting while attending the G.C.Foster College of PE and Sports in 1990 in Jamaica. Wayne is equally passionate about being a special education teacher for over 6 years with Gwinnett County Public Schools and recently acquired a Master of Arts in Special Education with a focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I have made communication with parents a major focus as I see it as a great way for the home and school to complement each other in trackling autism.  


2014: The Linkage awards for radio DJ of the yearMarch 2018: A proclamation at the State Capitol in March for contribution to the Caribbean community June 2018: Recognition for contribution to media in the Caribbean community by the Caribbean Association of Georgia. In June 2022, Wayne received a media personality award for excellence in charity from the Caribbean Association of Georgia (CAG).

In September 2022. he was named Teacher of The Year at Pharr Elementary School in Gwinnett County. November 2022, Black I Am Lifetime Achievement Award signed byJoe Biden.


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