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Caribbean America Cultural Arts Social and Economic Impact Programs

Caribbean American Cultural Arts Foundation's (CACAF) objectives include economic opportunities for high school and college students. Our overall programs are comprehensive to underserved multicultural communities, which include youth arts education (STEAM), Collegiate Career and Mentorship placement, disaster relief, and senior health services. Our mission allows communities to access programs, which are not readily available through government institutions. We serve African-American, Hispanic, and Asian communities throughout the Southeast region. 

Sadly, many minority students are not given the opportunity for internships and career placement. Due to this lack of access to economic opportunities, the communities we serve have been severely impacted by the socioeconomic challenges often connected to underserved communities, which include food instabilities, lack of health resources, and crime. Over the past 5 years, CACAF has offered high school and university graduates career and professional training opportunities through our on-site tours.

In addition, most public school budgets have eliminated art and music programs from their curriculums. CACAF's Cultural Connect Youth Art Education Program(STEAM) program is an essential program that helps fill the gap by giving underserved multicultural students access to learn and grow their artistic, and developmental skills. The program allows them to develop the language math, engineering, and reading skills needed for their professional development, and compete with their peers.  Our programs have identified an additional need for food security opportunities for the families that we serve. We have found that due to economic challenges at home, many students face challenges focusing in school and at the workplace. Many statistics have shown that communities flourish when they're getting the nutritious food they need. CACAF offers snacks and food during our programs for our K-12 programs, as it builds a connection and concentration. 

Our other programs assist local and national disaster preparedness and relief, and medical disaster assistance, including first responders and hospitals during the pandemic. Additionally, we offered free health wellness services to over 120+ seniors and veterans during the pandemic. In 2023, we are relaunching our college tour which includes job placement, and professional training opportunities for HBCUs, Liberal Arts, and public colleges that serve multicultural students.

Our objective is to effectively address the socioeconomic issues that impact minority communities throughout the region. Over the next decade, we plan to impact over 10 underserved communities throughout the nation, that census data has shown the severe need for quality programs. We impact change in the community through career placement, development programs, and education tools to compete globally, thus closing the economic gap to build stronger communities.

With the help of Pepsi, we can successfully move our missions forward, and provide stronger economic opportunities for the underserved communities that CACAF provides programs.

Our comprehensive programs address concerns for K-12 (Youth Arts & Steam), Collegiate(Career & Development Seminars), Senior Health, and Disaster Relief, allowing CACAF to impact a diverse and inclusive community, not limited by age or cultural background. 

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