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Investing in Your Future

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”_Nelson Mandela 


Bahamas Childrens Home
The Caribbean American Cultural Arts Foundation is focused on the importance of education, climate resilience, diversity, and inclusion programs. Our grant services are driven by our partners and donors.   

In 2022, we launched our Kick-Start Grant, the program was birth through the success of our annual Captains of Industry Gala. The initiative is to help build multicultural organizations that are not traditionally funded. We have supported a wide range of grantees which reflect the mission and vision of the foundation. Our inaugural recipients included the Virgin Islands All-Star Majorettes of Atlanta, Community Restore, Georgia Haitian Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund, Atlanta Jamaica Association Cultural and Educational Fund, and HBCU Tennesee State University Caribbean Students Initiative.

This year, we will open our grant process on July 10, 2024. The grants will be dedicated to small organizations with budgets between $10,000-$50,000 annually. We will also look at individual artists and students in need of assistance. Our goal is to create opportunities for our small and upcoming community members to blossom and grow over the next decade. 
  • Virgin Islands All-Star Majorettes 

  • Atlanta Jamaican Association Educational Fund

  • Community Restore Atlanta 

  • Tennessee State University 

  • Georgia Haitian Chamber Scholarship 

  • Schneider Regional Medical Center

  • Georgia State University Caribbean Students Association

  • Bahamas Children's Home 

  • Westside Parent Avengers

  • Florida Caribbean Student Association

  • Georgia Caribbean Student Alliance

  • University of Georgia-CSA 



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